Architecture Design Option Studio: The 10K House

Northern Japan was stricken by a devastating earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. To help resettle the dislocated population, there is a tremendous need for dwellings that are inexpensive, easy to construct, and better designed than what they had before. We believe the 10K House approach is relevant in Japan’s post-disaster reconstruction.

The semester’s focus will pivot on the idea that better design does not necessarily mean higher budgets. With the awareness that mass production is an effective way to reduce cost, this studio will explore the use of digital fabrication to further transform a house into an industrial product and to control the budget. Without available infrastructure, the 10K House must harvest energy and treat waste in a self-sustained way. Although we will concentrate on the design of a detached house in this studio, we will consider how an energy and waste independent house would impact the city.

Projects in 4.154