4.330 / 4.331
Introduction to Networked Cultures and Participatory Media

This class gives an overview of participatory art practices, early net-art, net-activism, and current online practices in art and culture. It explores cultural, social and political impacts of mediated communication. We will examine how online communications have altered the way in which collaboration occurs, changed the notion of authorship, and given rise to the collective.

The class will host remarkable artists and activists from MIT and outside, who will add an extra lens through which art can be used as a medium to approach urban, social and political conflicts.

Students will implement, critique, and discuss design exercises and experiment and develop skills in media literacy and communication. Through assigned readings, research, field trips, screenings, they will be exposed to a rich pool of ideas that can be used to develop a student's position towards resolving conflicts and urban issues.

This semester's aim is to use animal as a mediator/ mitigator to talk about Urban Crisis.

A final project with a written part, as well as attendace at the Monday night lecture series, is required.

Lab fee $110.