4.556J / MAS.551J
Design Without Boundaries

This multidisciplinary workshop provides opportunities to pursue real-world design projects that cross-traditional disciplinary boundaries, apply advanced technologies, and address significant social issues. Among the projects to be explored are [1] the design of a smart, connected, new media building as well as [2] dynamic building reconfiguration and sentimental analysis for those who use the building and [3] how to support better communication for high-tech knowledge workers who require access to the global research community.


In collaboration with with VEGA - VEnice GAteway for Science and Technology, Italy (www.vegapark.ve.it/enpark) this design course will consider how buildings of the future will support the creation and evolution of innovative ideas. Pandora is a newly commissioned "factory of ideas" which furthers the gap between traditional industry and the future of modern social working relations. Pandora is a living organism, which through a dialogue between people, objects (internet of things), and the surrounding environment, can generate innovation and wealth.


Students will work in multi-disciplinary teams from across MIT and Harvard, and travel to Italy early in the semester to showcase their visions to VEGA park representatives. They will then prototype their ideas around emerging technology and innovative user experiences to reshape the way people work, communicate and interact. Interested students should attend the first class to learn more about the course and detail on specific design directions. A small number of candidates will be selected for their complimentary skill sets for this rewarding and challenging project.

Projects in 4.556