Technopolitics, Culture, Intervention

This subject examines the manner in which key theories of technology illuminate architectural and art production in terms of their humanizing claims. Additionally, we will look at the different ways in which architects, artists, and theorists have critically approached or thought about technology. We will investigate how technology produces the human, and how, historically, humans have intervened in ongoing technoscientific regimes. Each week, students will have the responsibility of completing all readings; selected students will present examples from art and architecture each week.

Class Presentation, Participation, and Attendance. We expect students to engage the course material by completing readings, producing at least two presentations (with team members), leading and participating in discussion. Students missing more than 2 classes will be docked a grade; those missing more than 3 classes during the semester will receive a fail. Persistent lateness will also contribute to a lowered grade for participation. (30%)
Two Midterm (take-home) Exams (40 %) These will be questions structured by the readings and case studies, prompting short essays.

Final (take-home) Exam. The final will be structured as above. In lieu of the exam, students receiving grades of A- or above in the previous midterms, and otherwise in good standing with the professors, may write an individual final paper on a topic of their choosing, in consultation with professors and the teaching assistant. Final Exam/Paper – 12 double spaced pages (30 %)

Note: No incompletes, no late exams. In case of incompletes with official sanction owing to illness or other personal issues, students will be given one additional semester to complete their work. If work is still incomplete at that point, a ‘fail’ grade will be given.