4.122 / 4.121
Workshop in Making and Designing Space

Making is the beginning of architecture. Putting materials together, discovering the limits of materials, the connections of materials, selecting the right materials for the right use are essential to making good architecture. Space is also the beginning of architecture. Space is the core of what we design. Small spaces, large space, dark spaces, enclosed spaces, light spaces, connecting spaces are all essential to making places for people. Making and space go together, one informs the other and without both there will not be architecture.

This course is about the beginning of architecture. Students are first encouraged to sketch designs for their composition then make study models at different scales before the final design built at full size. It is a process of understanding the materials and then making the space or understanding the space and finding the right materials.

There will be three projects during the semester, the first using wood, the second steel and the last using concrete and all materials available. Each project will explore an aspect of “space”, while exploring the materials.

Enrollment is limited to 12 and first meeting to determine meeting times will be on September 6 at 12 pm in N51-60. This is not the time the course will meet but only to determine times for two meetings each week.