Architecture Design Core Studio III ⎯ HOUSE

A HOUSE project is maybe the most personal design project an architect can achieve. It becomes a statement both personal and collective, on the way we can view life through architecture, in its most intimate space. It seems to be an easy program but it is not. It hides layers of complexity in theory, design and technology.

The Core III studio is an integrated building studio which will engage in a semester-long design research project. The studio teaches students to innovate within constraints and synthesize issues of culture, program, site, and building technology.

The studio will develop architectural design proposals for a HOUSE project in Worlds End, Hingham, Massachusetts. Students will work on their studio projects in close collaboration with MIT professors from Architectural Design and Building Technology. In addition, experts in the field of structural and environmental engineering, and material and fabrication technologies will act as consultants to the studio. The studio will also host invited lecturers by experts in these fields of interests.

Limited to second-year MArch students.

Projects in 4.153