Introductory Urban Design Studio ⎯ An Architecture of the Territory

This studio explores the formal, socio‐spatial, and disciplinary consequences of the ideological acceptance of the vast field of urbanization as one beyond the confines of compact, historic city, as well as beyond the conventions and types of architecture as a constitutive element of such a city. Such a post‐urban ideology, itself the almost inevitable result of mass suburbanization witnessed any globalizing economy, is premised on the fact that the entirety of our lives is now urban, yet our common overall density is thinner than ever. On scales vastly magnified by means of automobile as well as other transit technologies, architecture, once operating on a scale to effectively organize the public life of the pedestrian, now confronts scales and orders vastly beyond its own historical perimeter. The logical scale limits of architectural order form one thread through the studio – and the necessary expansion of its formal thinking to include modes of operation hitherto reserved for landscape ecology, or for transportation engineering.

Preference to Urbanism SMArchS students.