Architectural Design Workshop ⎯ Japan: Post-Disaster ReConstruction (summer 2012)

The MIT Japan Design Workshop is conducted over a month-long summer sojourn in Kyoto and Tokyo plus one regional rural village. The workshop’s recurrent theme is Continuity/Transformation in Architecture & Community Form.

Projects are based in urban neighborhoods & rural communities with a distinct historical past yet undergoing controversial shifts in demographic change, ecologic & environmental alteration due to hyper-urbanization, physical transformation, loss of a sense of community and stressed visions for the future. Students are asked to conduct extensive fieldwork, rapid analysis, discussions, assessment, design & planning decisions and strategic propositions all in a compressed timeframe and delivery format. All projects of the workshop are on-site and with accountable client groups. The results of the students’ work are presented at public reviews, exhibits and publication and have often served as catalysts for subsequent implementations.