4.312 / 4.313
Advanced Studio on the Production of Space ⎯ New Models and Modeling as Practice

Introduces historical and contemporary spatial concepts for various cultures and geo-political settings, and examines how they relate to artistic process and production. The studio focuses on modeling as way of thinking in the arts, architecture and science, and explores rational qualities of spatial concepts, relations between the model, its viewer and author, and reflects on their producers and proponents. Beginning with models in art and science and working with partners from several institutions including the MIT Museum, we will explore rationality and judgment of scale, historical models, politics of the material, paradox, meanings of abstraction and realism, and appropriate communication models. Students will introduce modeling practices (and models of practice) from their respective disciplines and develop and expand their own practice and capabilities through interdisciplinary discourse.

The class will work alongside developing plans for an exhibition on models in science and art at the MIT Museum in 2014 and slated for travel to the Swiss Design Museum in Zurich. Through accumulating models of different registers of knowledge processes, the space of the classroom itself will be transformed to become a model “for” and “of” the pedagogy. Screenings, visits from contemporary artists and scientists, readings and in-class presentations support the development of individual and collective projects. Additional work required of students taking the graduate version. Lab fee $110. Enrollment limited.

Visitors and partners in dialogue: Gary van Zante (curator at MIT Museum), Florian Dombois (artist and curator in Zurich ZHDK), Nader Tehrani (architect; MIT), MIT Edgerton Lab, MIT Museum Studio, etc.

This class works in cooperation and exchange with the MIT Museum and students from the model group of Research Focus Transdisciplinarity at Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland.