4.411J / EC.713J
D-Lab Schools: Building Technology Laboratory

This term the course focuses on technical studies in support of schools in Cambodia that are being constructed by American Assistance for Cambodia. The course has very recently partnered with D-Lab and is jointly listed as the D-Lab Schools course. Investigations of schools build on previous work with the Building Technology Program in support of schools in Pakistan, Sierra Leone Cambodia and Haiti. Studies in 4.411 this fall will include simulation, construction and test of models, and comparison of simulation with experimental data. The course will also provide necessary information about education in Cambodia.

The course is set up as a series of short lab-based projects that focus on daylighting, natural ventilation, materials and structures and energy and thermal comfort. Instruction in simulation software will be provided by a series of evening tutorials to be presented for the first time in the Department of Architecture and by supplementary tutorials in class. Simulation assignments will be synchronized with the tutorials.