Special Subject: Architectural Computation - BIM, Open Standards and the Web

Building Information Modeling technologies and associated methods are revolutionizing the processes of project design, engineering, construction and operations. One aspect emerging of BIM methodologies is its potential to connect disparate representations, processes and applications across into continuously connected design and delivery systems, through open standards and connected web services.

This workshop will explore the intersection between BIM and the Web, including theory and practical applications. The course will offer lectures in emerging BIM paradigms, a survey of open standards for building information data exchange including IFC and Cobie. Case studies of professional applications of web enabled applications drawing on building information exchange.

Students will develop a course project of a web enabled building design and management application using web based BIM, collaboration and social media technologies using standard web development (HTML, javascript, and web services) technologies. Basic prior experience in web development, geometric scripting capabilities, or instructor approval, is a prerequisite for the course.