Architectural Design Workshop — MIT & SEU in Nanjing, China

June 16th – July 4th, 2013 (Plus travel)

In collaboration with Southeast University, this design workshop will explore alternative housing strategies for the development of a site near Nanjing, China. In stark contrast to the conventional, efficiency-driven developments endemic to the area - composed primarily of bland slab blocks and towers - our aim will be to propose new models of urban housing appropriate to the demanding context. While satisfying the basic constraints of urban housing, these proposals will endeavor also to establish critical relationships between public and private, interior and exterior spaces, and among diverse user groups. Important considerations that will influence the design research will be zoning strategies, infrastructure, landscape systems, ecological and other diversity, new typologies, and spatial flexibility.

Airfare, transportation, and accommodation will be covered.

Dean Jianguo Wang, SEU
Prof. Ming Ge, SEU
Dean Adèle Santos, MIT
Prof. Yung Ho Chang, MIT
Prof. Joel Lamere, MIT

Eligibility: MArch students that have completed 4.153 (Core 3 Studio) and above; SMArchS students

Credit: 9 Units

Enrollment: Limited to 8 students

Note: the application deadline for this workshop has passed and all available slots have been filled.

Projects in 4.182

by Julian Ocampo, Kyle Altman, Zhang Jinsong, Zhong Qiang
Fall 2013