Introduction to Three-Dimensional Art Work

This course investigates politics of cultural representation though wearable and portable technologies focusing on Islamic cultures. Creating individual and group projects, we will explore the capacity of three-dimensional to decrease the “boiling point” in culturally, politically and economically sensitive areas — from local sites in Boston to Syria, or any other place in the world. The task will be to create vehicles for cultural exchange, addressing the culturally rooted paranoia and suspiciousness in different contexts.

In the first part of the class, we will be working on individual projects on the scale of the body, involving media such as textile, clothing, accessories and/or wearable technologies. Building on these projects, in the second part of the class we will be working as a group on the project called "Islamobile," a vehicle that can function as a studio and a stage. The program of this vehicle is aimed at building bridges with and among Islamic cultures through on-site investigations, discussions, artistic interventions and performances. The prototype design and production of this vehicle would link cutting-edge fabrication technology and traditional crafts.

Selected readings from the fields of art and art history, political theory and cultural studies will inform our hands-on work. Presentations by visiting artists and students will give insights into creative research methods and artistic approaches. Knowledge about Islamic cultures and technical skills such as sewing are beneficial, but not pre-required for the class; sewing and woodwork tutorials, machines and basic equipment/materials will be provided.

The course meets twice a week. Tuesday class includes workshops, discussions, lectures and/or screenings. Thursday class is supervised studio production, including technical tutorials. Additional individual work required outside the class (min. 6hrs / week expected). Students from all disciplines are encouraged and welcome to enroll. Graduate students can take this class in arrangement with the instructor and with the Independent Study (course number 4.393).

Lab fee $110