4.361 / 4.362
Performance Art Workshop

4.361 ⎯ Undergraduate Subject
4.362 ⎯ Graduate Subject

This course is a workshop involving the exploration of live time based form of performance, specifically in relation to visual or perceptual concerns in sound and image. Each student will be asked to work with a short narrative as source material for experiments in the transformation of a concept into visual and aural form. We will work with various media or devices that might alter these translations. While the video camera and a basic sound system will function as recording tools to capture materials to be used in live performance, these are also tools of translation.

We will document work presented in class as well as final projects. Each student will be involved in how a work might be documented.

An important aspect of the work will be the consideration of place or location, stage set and point of view. Students will be asked to construct a prop or an object to use in their individual projects. Workshops will involve exercises that introduce ideas of movement. gesture, disguise, and everyday ritual. Ideas of space and time will be one of the main considerations during the semester.

  • Narrative choices are expected to concern issues in relation to the environment in particular the sea, the oceans.
  • There will be screenings of video and film as well as outside visits to sites and museums in the Boston area.
  • The class will be able to visit New York during Performa in mid November when Joan Jonas and Jason Moran will present their performance of Reanimation.

Lab fee $110.