Workshop in Architectural Computation — Rule-Based 3D Modeling: Learning Through Play

This course will introduce and explore rule-based design approaches through computer modeling. Shape Grammars have long been introduced to students through hands-on sketching and physical model manipulation through “Basic Grammars.” The work of Knight and Stiny in the exploration of Kindergarten Grammars (an adaptation of the Froebel Block system) is a great example of an effective technique to introduce students to computational design through visual calculation. This seminar takes a different approach in addressing the subject matter through digital exploration in the form of game-play.

Labeled Rules, Basic Grammars, and Shape Schemas will all be introduced through computer modeling techniques in 3D Studio Max. By utilizing native tools along with the creation of new tool sets with the programming language Maxscript, students will cover the basis of making form through recursion, embedding, and increased visual perception. Furthermore, assignments will take the form of “design games” in which students will create the necessary components to play individually and collaboratively. As a result this seminar will blur the line between “modeling environment” and “gaming environment.”

Limited to 12