Architecture Design Core Studio I

Permission of instructor
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This tri-partite studio (Garcia-Abril / Goulthorpe / Clifford) aims to introduce all Core 1 students to common themes that seem “fundamental” to architecture (mindful of the theme of this year’s Venice Biennale): in particular structure and space (the structuring of space or the spacing of structure). This will be done through interrogation of some archetypal elements (column, beam, wall, etc), whose historical formation will be interrogated in light of emerging drawing, modeling, fabrication and material paradigms. This aims to give historical insight measured against contemporary production, and to aim at the invention and deployment of new structural/spatial potentials.

Creative elaboration of historical elements will serve as an armature for a variety of drawing and modeling exercises that aim to refer back to an ancient tradition of graphic and plastic representation, but also to begin to explore contemporary techniques to express current (digital) norms such as CAD modeling and 3D printing.

Each of the 3 groups will investigate different material paradigms, with the ambition to permit the entire class to witness a range of alternative tectonic conditions that are explored by each group with technical thoroughness. The hope is that this permits a rich mining of emerging (and ancient) material-processing logics, and that all groups will benefit from the comparative differences between them.

• one group (Garcia Abril) will focus on concrete, which assumes a wide range of forms and properties according to its internal chemistry, its reinforcing armature, and its external formwork.

• one group (Clifford) will focus on stereotomy, looking at masonry of all kinds (additive assemblies of topologically similar units).

• the last group (Goulthorpe) will look at lightweight composites, both ancient and modern, but with a focus on contemporary glass and carbon fiber structural systems.