Architecture Design Workshop — Urban Villages/Moving City: Social Housing for a Changing Public (Summer 2015)

Permission of instructor

Note: this is a summer workshop but registration is for the Fall 2015 term

China’s conflicted history of communes and experimental public housing offers the unique opportunity to develop new building typologies and urban plans to address the growing phenomena of urban villages, urban citizenship and migration; and respond creatively to the government’s ambitious plan of providing social housing to a quarter of the urban populace by 2020.

This is a 4-week summer workshop which ncludes a 2-week fully funded trip to China during June to explore designs and strategies at various scales for the city of Taiyuan, the coal capital of China and the second tier city with the largest migrant population in the county’s north. The workshop will involve visits to the following cities: Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taiyuan and Beijing,