Architecture Design Option Studio — FAST, CHEAP & OUT OF THE BOX (Tibbits/Chadwick/Thomas)

Mandatory lottery process
Open only to: 
MArch students
Required of: 
MArch students

Schedule: RF 1-5

This options studio will explore fast, cheap & out of box material and construction processes that propose radical alternatives to today’s architecture and engineering systems. We are specifically interested in the fast, cheap, bottom-up or out of the box nature of the system. Fast – meaning we would like to fundamentally rethink the amount of time it takes to design and build today. Whether that is material production/extraction, shipping & logistics, the design process or the construction process itself, we are looking for radical improvement in speed, 10x, 100x or more rather than incremental development. Cheap - emphasizes both the cost of the material or the construction process as well as reducing the cost on the environment/site/energy consumption and various other burdens. We are looking for extremely cheap or extremely efficient and high-tech meets low-tech scenarios. Out of the box – meaning unorthodox, radical and revolutionary rather than incremental or constrained to what we know today. Similarly, out of the box hints at packaged and quickly-deployable systems, ready to go, rather than custom-built, complex assemblies.  We are also specifically interested in processes that are distributed or bottom-up as opposed to controlled, top-down, design and construction scenarios. The class will start with research, then move into a design and refinement phase and ultimately will lead to a full-scale collaborative built project.