Architectural Design Workshop — COLLECTIVES

Permission of instructor

Note: 1st meeting location changed to 7-429 (Long Lounge)

Sharing economies, digital technologies and new notions of community are changing the way we live and work. Accessibility over ownership, community-based exchange and collaborative behaviors are increasingly transforming both economic and social patterns but urban form has in large remained unchanged. How is architecture to respond? How can design better serve these new conditions? What are the scales and modes of operations, and how is the city to adapt ? Or what kind of new urban forms are to emerge?  

COLLECTIVES calls for an architectural-urban project to reclaim and envision spaces for shared activities, informal governance and community self-regulation, thus facilitating renewed modes of distribution for common goods and creating new identities and expressions for emerging publics. Urbanism plays a key role in the forming of communities while architecture expresses and strengthens notions of collective identity.  The workshop will chart, investigate and explore a set of architectural-urban typologies that address present and future spaces and forms of collectivity. 

Class is open to graduate and undergraduate students from Architecture, DUSP,  & Sloan.

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