4.184 / 11.s938
Architectural Design Workshop — India: Gujarat Disaster-Resilient Housing Revisited (Summer 2017 + Fall 2017 (half-term)

Permission of instructor
Limited to 8
Open only to: 
8 current 2nd & 3rd year M.Arch + SMArchS + DUSP (4 Arch + 4 DUSP)

Summer Workshop (register for Fall 2017)

The workshop will focus on settlement form, housing design and its relationship to disaster resilience twenty years after a first MIT-Gujarat workshop took place in 1996. The workshop will include 3 days orientation in Mumbai with AKAH, 14 days of field research, and 3 days of contextual reconnaissance through the charged historical territory of Gujarat. The site is very near the well known Gir Forest, and students will be housed in an ecotourism camp on the grounds.

Summer Travel

July 28 - Aug 18, 2017

Fall half-term subject for architects

The workshop will continue in the fall as a half subject in Architecture, and as a full-term Practicum in DUSP (11.s938 — units will be different for DUSP students). Meets T 9-12, through 10/13 with a review on Oct. 13 during class time.