Professional Practice

Permission of instructor
Required of: 
MArch students

This subject gives a critical orientation towards a career in architectural practice. Through readings, case studies, guest speakers, and role-playing exercises, the course challenges students to explore a range of legal, ethical, political, and professional questions they will face in practice.

The course is carried out in seminar format, with the 3-hour sessions typically divided in two parts. One part will feature guest presentations by practicing architects and other allied design professionals, and the other will build on the guest presentation and explore key questions facing the discipline, profession and practice of architecture.

In parallel, students will engage in a semester-long team-based project. Small student teams will act together as an “office,” and will draw on their completed academic design projects as the work product of their “firm.” Through collaborative simulation, students will curate and craft their collective projects into a coherent “body of work,” compose a concise statement of identity that distinguishes their practice, and respond to a Request for Proposals (RFP). By forming, branding, and representing a practice, navigating the RFP process, and participating in an interview with potential clients, students will develop skills essential to every architectural practice.