Special Subject: Urban Housing — The New Practitioner: UN WUF 9 — Malaysia — Drones — Exhibit

Permission of instructor
very limited based on petition

Undergraduates welcome

The class will explore and promote the use of Drones (UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) as Positive Development Partners in the Third World as basis for exhibit at the WUF 9 in Kuala Lumpur.  The growing use of drones worldwide and their demonstrated capabilities provide an untapped opportunity in development practice.  Despite the too often negative image of drones, the positive contributions cannot be denied and their use is becoming widespread.

Drones are being used particularly in disaster relief operations and are impressively expanding their application to a variety of fields.  Inexpensive, widespread availability, ease in use, sophisticated but accessible technology all point to increased applications.  Of particular interest is highlighting the use of drones with participatory community development in planning remote unserved areas and in upgrading of rapidly growing squatter settlements in the expanding urban areas of the Third World.

The goal is to strategize, research, and prepare an exhibit for the United Nations WUF.  (http://wuf9.org/) Participants will jointly or individually develop a specific area of drone application to highlight and prepare suitable text and graphics for display at the WUF.  The exhibit is tentatively titled:  “The Good Drone — A Partner in Development".

Participation is limited.  To enroll in the course, please send a request with CV to Professor Reinhart Goethert and indicate your potential contribution to the effort.


February 7-13, 2018 — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — UN World Forum 9

A limited number of class participants will be funded to attend the WUF in Malaysia in February 2018.

The course is an activity of SIGUS and the Global University Consortium For Incremental Housing.