First-Year Advising Seminar: Experiencing Architecture: Process, Production and Product

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By great fortune Boston has emerged to become one of the world’s best places to live. Since the 1960’s Boston based architects and urban planners have pioneered many systems of design, planning and construction that have led to its unique style of buildings and dynamic environments. This seminar aims to make sense of design, architecture and the built environment through real world experience, some reading and discussion. We will use the city as our platform for learning design. We start with a delightful visit to the Gropius House in Concord, MA where we will learn some fundamentals of home design. Next, we will tour a construction site in Boston to witness first hand how a building is fabricated from an architect’s plan. We will take a trip downtown to explore some of Boston’s architectural past with a walking tour of City Hall and several surrounding buildings. Last, we will visit an architect’s office to witness first hand how buildings are designed and prepared for construction.

Prof. Sass teaches courses in architecture, design and computation within the Department of Architecture. His research work has lead to the development of a new technology used to produce low cost housing in ways similar to 3D printing. He believes that in the near future homes and cities will be produced from an assembly of high-tech performance based 3D components. A highlight of Larry’s research in this area was a commissioned exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in 2008.