4.320 / 4.321
Introduction to Sound Creations — Acoustic Immersive Environments

Lab Fee: 
Per-term $75 fee after Add Date; SMACT students are exempt
UG: 4.320; G: 4.321; limited to 20
Required of: 
restricted elective for BSAD, Design Minor (4.320)

Develops a critical awareness of how sound art as a field for artistic exploration is performed, produced, and distributed. Explores contemporary and historical practices that emerge outside of purely musical environments and investigates specific compositional developments of post-war modernity and electro-acoustic music, as well as non-musical disciplines related to the psychophysics of hearing and listening. Lectures, screenings, readings, and discussions with guests and faculty contribute to the development of group and individual projects.

Additional work required of students taking the graduate version.