Special Subject: History, Theory & Criticism of Architecture & Art — Architecture and Art: Building, Body, Biome

Permission of Instructor

Architecture and art have always been critical to understanding the body in/as habitat. Produced as the mirror or house for a biome, the body has constantly been shaped, designed, and engineered as a receptacle of new forms of the cosmos. “Vitruvian man” is perhaps only the most well-known of these images, but the examples of body-types could proliferate: Futurist paroxysms, hygienic efficiencies, reproductive incubators, bestial pens, bubble-boys and biodomes, aboriginal dream-times and so on. In an epoch of unprecedented bioengineering of the body and human impact on biomes, what are useful tools for thinking about these relations now?  This seminar will examine the theory and history of embodied experience in art and architecture, with particular attention to the limits of the human as normative body. Special advantage will be taken of the fall visit by bio-artist Jenna Sutela, who will produce a performance “Extremophile” and show some of her film/ computation/ bacterial work in seminar.