Where Is and What Is Architecture and Design?

Preference Given to: 
1st-year students

4.001 Where is & What is Architecture & Design introduces Architecture and Design by way of conversations and presentations with MIT architecture and design faculty and MIT alumni. 4.001 discusses the two undergraduate majors, two undergraduate minors, and two HASS concentrations offered through Course 4 along with careers in architecture and design. 

To better understand the breadth of architecture and design education, thinking, and practice, students will have the option of pursuing a mens or manus design problem. 

Mens = Interview, document, and present to your classmates, the academic and career trajectory of an (MIT alumni) architect or designer, and the business or institution within which they currently work, practice, or teach.

Manus = Identify and document a design problem inside or outside your home. Conceptualize various solutions to the design problem you’ve observed. Develop through drawing or modeling one of your design solutions. Present both your observed design problem and proposed solution to your classmates.

Subject counts toward the 9-unit discovery-focused credit limit for first-year students. Preference to first-year students.