Architectural Design Workshop— Deep Time Architecture (summer)

Permission of Instructor

Summer Pedagogical Experiment.
Deep Time Architecture

“Deep Time Architecture” is a new pedagogical experiment; the opportunity to explore a new relationship between humans and the planet, one that expands architecture’s perceptual time-frame enabling us to tap into tectonic timescales that work with the Earth Cycles.  In a time when humans are making ever-greater interventions into the geologic time scales of the Earth, architecture needs to develop a very different relationship to time; one that accounts for its essential ecological condition; one that radically expands architecture’s timelines of awareness according to time scales closer to the ecological and geological resources it draws from; one that reveals architecture’s entangled relationship with the planet Earth.

“Deep Time Architecture” looks for ways to augment the temporal sensibilities that are so essential to develop the architectural frameworks, the infrastructures, and the governance strategies capable to act at the timescales of our most urgent crises. “Deep Time Architecture” speaks for an architecture where humans, who have become a geological force, are both, accountable for the decline caused by technological achievements but now also capable of stopping and reversing climate change.

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