4.354 / 4.355
Introduction to Video and Related Media

Lab Fee: 
There will be NO lab fee for Fall 2020
UG: 4.354, G: 4.355 — Limited to 20
Required of: 
Eestricted elective for BSA, BSAD, Arch & Design minors

UG: 4.354 | G: 4.355

Introduction to Video and Related Media examines the technical and conceptual variables and strategies inherent in a contemporary video art practice.

Students are instructed how to analyzes structural concepts of time, space, perspective, and sound within video art and experimental narrative. Building upon the historical legacy of the language of film and other time-based media, students render self-exploration, performance, social critique, and manipulation of raw experience into an aesthetic form. (This class introduces practical knowledge of video capturing, audio recording, lighting, and editing, while emphasizing individual concept development.)*

Class time will shift between screening and reading discussions, (technical demonstrations, in-class work time),* and critiques of students’ projects.

To show mastery of the course’s content, students are required to create a self-designed final project that demonstrates their ability to integrate their concepts, filming, audio recording, and editing techniques, into a cohesive piece that clearly communicates their idea to their viewer.

Additional work required of students taking the graduate version.


  • Camera, audio recording, and lighting demonstrations will be revised to cover general practices, versus learning specific equipment functions.
  • Students will need to have access to a camera that can record HD video and audio (a cell phone is acceptable, though not the first choice).
  • Students will also need to be able to access a computer that has Adobe Premiere Pro.