4.361 / 4.362
Performance Art Workshop

UG: 4.301 or 4.302 or permission of instructor
Lab Fee: 
There will be NO lab fee for Fall 2020
Limited to 20

UG: 4.361; G: 4.362

Explores performance in relation to the body as a space of resistance, the collective body and its powers, and performative acts that blur boundaries between art and life. Students trace gestures of care and conviviality by enacting scores, altering screens and other walls that divide us, reclaiming time, undoing categories that alienate our bodies from life itself. Activities include contact improvisation, walking, reading, screening and discussing theoretical, historical and contemporary issues in performance art, including several performance-based projects throughout the semester.

Additional work required of students taking graduate version.

Students from various disciplines are encouraged to enroll and to integrate media and genres including poetry, writing, dance, theater, acting, storytelling, drawing, video and other image-making practices, architecture, design, sculpture, etc.

Walking Anew

How, then, to walk on earth, and not water?
To walk the walk, not just talk talk talk.
Walking to receive, walking indefinitely.
When are we walking together?
The walking monks.
The migrant walks.
The workers leaving the factory.
They all had to walk back home.
Miles and miles before we sleep.
The dreaming of walking, the walking in sleep.
The caravan is coming. Walking through lightly.
The night walks. Between dog and wolf.
The farmers walk. The long walk.
As we walk, we sing, we dance, we meet each other.
The walk on the mountain, back down to the river.
We fill water, we talk at the river.
Walking away. The desert song.
Walking with cows, the goats, the sheep.
Walking to prevent, walking to preserve.
Not walking to discover, nor take, nor conquer.
Just this expansive reception, this planet earth.
Recall yourself once more, breathing effortlessly.
O empress of Performance, befriend me, be my friend!