Design Computation: Art, Objects and Space

Lab Fee: 
Required of: 
BSA, BSAD required; restricted elective Arch and Design minors
Preference Given to: 
Course 4 majors and minors


This class introduces undergraduate, course four majors to design and computation through application. We explore an array of foundational technologies weekly, this includes 3D Modeling, Computer Generated Rendering and
Computer-Generated Animation. Students also learn establish design principles as part of each exercise. Although the medium for course is centered on computer modeling, application is guided by weekly design exercises, student presentations and instructor feedback. We will work on one project throughout the term starting with a deep product analysis, ending with a useful, well designed physical artifact.

Learning Objectives

Grades are based on mastery of the following:

  • Design of a Tiny Home
  • Three principle modeling techniques (Surface, Solid & Mesh)
  • Fundamentals of design prototyping through visualization
  • Fundamentals of daylight and artificial lighting computer rendering
  • Analytical animation


  • Application of modeling, visualization and animation
  • Quality of output
  • Response to questions related to process
  • Time to complete assignments
  • Missing classes will count against your final grade


  • We meet approximately 24 times within the semester online only
  • A maximum of 3 absences allowed, this includes lab times
  • You are expected to be present on Zoom (no screen savers)

See attached syllabus for more detailed information including software requirements and class calendar.