First-Year Seminar — Art and Architecture of the MIT Campus

Open only to: 
1st year undergraduate students

The MIT campus in Cambridge has been a home to innovative works of art and architecture for more than 100 years. This seminar will introduce students to the art and architecture of MIT and we will learn from each other as we explore the history and design of our campus. Students will also have the opportunity to explore intersections of art, design and technology more broadly and to learn about opportunities to be creative at MIT and beyond. The seminar will meet weekly and we will have student presentations and special guests throughout the semester. 

John Ochsendorf is professor in Course 1 (Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Course 4 (Architecture). He knows the MIT campus very well, having lived on campus as a head of house for seven years from 2010-2017 and having chaired the 2016 campus centennial celebrations. Like most professors, he is a student at heart and he looks forward to learning as we explore MIT together in this seminar. 

All Advising Seminars receive six units of credit and are graded P/D/F.