Special Subject: Architecture Design — Building the Page: 2020-2021 MIT Architecture Publication Workshop

Permission of Instructor

Our Department will be able to make increasing use of physical space this fall. But we will continue to face an essential loss in our ambient and active engagement with each other's work in physical space. To help fill this gap, we are prototyping a new kind of publication to channel and record our work, conversations, and life together.

Advancing architecture through print and other media is not new; indeed, we are an increasingly mediated profession and professional culture. But conceiving how to regularly publish our department’s life and work takes new skills and new thinking as well.

Building on the work of a 9-week summer workshop, but open to all students, the class will engage the mechanics and and skills of print publication — typography, grids, formats and distribution strategy – as they shape the specifics of our developing publication. Students in the course will help shape essential strategic questions about the publication — including its final title, format and structure —  but also leave students better able to frame and strategize the publication and dissemination of their own work as well.

The course will be taught by Nicholas de Monchaux with support from Amanda Moore and Communications staff, alongside the publication’s design coordinator Miko McGinty.