Architecture Design Option Studio — ON/OFF: Architecture of the Earth (García-Abríl)

Mandatory lottery process
Required of: 

"Architecture emerged from the earth. From its extraction and cultivation, and the effort to move its parts. And from the fascination of stacking them, putting them together and celebrating, discovering and inhabiting the space. The efficiency of the location was sought, the accessibility to the matter, limiting the effort. And modules that could be easily assembled were searched; tools were designed to work the earth, the stones, the fibers and metals, which are also stones. When these instruments became sophisticated, the places where we could build multiplied, transporting materials and tools, developing technologies and crafts; with the architect ordering this conglomerate …”

MATTER TO DATA is a space for experimentation. A testing ground that seeks to connect our head with our hands and our hands with the materials that build architecture. It is through this intimate encounter that we can understand, learn and unlearn, maybe then innovate. A space for  Action.

MATTER TO DATA explores the extraction of valuable creative resources from the manipulation of MATTER, and the exposure to the common forces and energies that constitute the spatial event, to be transformed into DATA, source to engineer, detail and prescribe an architecture documentation. This reverse process of design, will allow students to explore the immense complexities of play with MATTER, the observation and analytical outlook that architects develop to read the spaces that the game generates, and how to transform them into DATA .

Research Methodology:

With this framework, through analyzing the material nature, production methods and typical applications of ready-made constructive units, alternative uses to the prescribed ones are tested, structures built and spaces imagined without the constraints of specific programs, sites or given geometries..

Through an iterative design process of making , students develop from experiments to prototypes of discovered solutions, understanding the limitations of the materials and products they work with while exploiting their untapped possibilities. Empirical work is carried out both as scientists and artists -carefully monitoring each step and using improvisation as creative tool-encouraging productive discovery from experiments as a way of inspiration and evolution of the work.

From physical construction, to digital scanning, to audiovisual documents and instruction manuals, media -the necessary ally for design production and dissemination- is also understood as a site for creative exploration.


ON/OFF is a hybrid studio , between Hands-On models sessions and online classes, in which students will integrate research, fabrication and design. This studio will focus to imagine and design a Talayot Museum. A Talayot (from the Catalan á¹­alaiot, small watchtower) is a prehistoric construction of the Gimnesias Islands (Menorca and Mallorca). Being the most abundant prehistoric monument on the two islands, it gave its name to one of the most studied stages of Balearic prehistory: the Talayotic culture.

The program and dimensions will be part of the creative process, and the ubication will be in the immediate parcels of the Curnia nou Talaiot, one of the most important archeological sites in Mahon.

ON (line) STUDIO & OFF (Campus) WORKSHOP

This course welcomes any student who has the ability to observe, question, react, test, fail and persevere; who is able to venture into the unknown and enjoy the space of uncertainty; who is able to work autonomously while sharing ideas and actions that build a collective project; and who is willing to have active participation in this adventure in the class and through collaborative online platforms.This is a hands-on-line studio. Students are expected to work continuously, both independently -MATTER- and as a coordinated online group -DATA-, with and without the instructor. Google suite platform will serve to build a class diary where each student is responsible to share the evolution of the work and any other related materials that contribute to enrich the class conversations. We will also learn the most advanced 3D scan techniques, hardware and software in a workshop in Ca’n Terra Menorca. Including 3D scan of earth textures, from matter to data, selection of final model, 3D scanning, 3D post-processing and work with final 3D model.

Mandatory lottery process.