4.154 (4.s01)
Architecture Design Option Studio: Interactive Intelligent Skin (Tibbits)

Mandatory lottery process
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This studio will bring together the worlds of fashion, design and technology by exploring the topic of an ‘interactive intelligent skin.’ This studio will be taught as a collaboration between HTW in Berlin & MIT. The aim of the studio is to bring together students across both institutions as well as faculty, and invited guest presenters, to help conceptualize and materialize a future intelligent skin. The collaborative studio will prompt students to imagine, design and create design projects materializing their unique perspective on the topic. Students across both institutes will collaborate, work together, share ideas, and present in group reviews to help advance their projects. The studio will be the conceptual and experimental vehicle to design and investigate the digital skin and will be part of a large multi-year collaboration with MIT, HTW & Hussein Chalayan.

For decades, fashion designer Hussein Chalayan, has been pioneering the use of interactive, kinetic and transformable fashion in his studio and on runways around the world. More recently, they have begun exploring the notion of an interactive and sensory digital skin, as a fabric and/or material surface which can detect and respond to environmental, physical and physiological stimuli. Simultaneously over the past several years MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab and various other researches around the world have made a number of advances in materials and fabrication that enable a field of highly active and programmable materials that can sense and actuate based on embedded logic. This begs the question - can we now create truly intelligent materials that can go beyond a sense/response behavior, towards seamless human interaction, embodied intelligence and even form their own materially creative expression.

Mandatory lottery process.