Architecture Studies Colloquium

Permission of instructor
Open only to: 
SMArchS Year 1
Required of: 

The SMArchS Colloquium is a requirement for all first year students in the postgraduate SMArchS programs: Architectural Design; Architecture and Urbanism; Building Technology; Design and Computation; History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture and Art; and the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture. The course aims: 1) to create a discourse across the various SMArchS discipline groups that reflects current Institute wide initiatives, 2) to provide an introduction to help prepare SMarchS students to understand the distinct perspective of the different SMarchS discipline groups and to engage with interdisciplinary thinking, research and innovation that is characteristic of MIT’s culture, and 3) to provide a forum for debate and discussion in which the SMarchS cohort can explore, develop and share ideas that can form a basis for their future work at MIT.