4.450J / 1.575J / 4.451
Computational Structural Design and Optimization

UG: 4.440 or 2.001 or 1.050 and 6.00 or 1.000 or permission of instructor; G: 4.462 or permission of instructor
Limited to 30
Required of: 
Restricted elective for BSAD, Design and Archi minors (4.451)
Preference Given to: 
Design/Architecture minors and other undergraduates interested in this mode of design.

Research seminar focusing on emerging applications of computation for creative, early-stage structural design and optimization for architecture. Incorporates computational design fundamentals, including problem parameterization and formulation; design space exploration strategies, including interactive, heuristic, and gradient-based optimization; and computational structural analysis methods, including the finite element method, graphic statics, and approximation techniques. Programing experience and familiarity with structural mechanics necessary. Additional work required of students taking for graduate credit.