4.502 / 4.562
Advanced Visualization: Architecture in Motion Graphics

UG: 4.500, G: permission of instructor
UG: 4.502; G: 4.562
Required of: 
4.502: Required BSA; Restricted elective for BSAD, Architecture and Design minors
Preference Given to: 
Course 4 + 4B majors and Arch and Design minors

This course provides an opportunity to undertake a design and visualization project with an emphasis on the use of computer graphics animation, interactive content, and video production media. Students will be introduced to advanced visualization and video editing software, and explore the relationships between spatial design and its representation in motion graphics format.

Selected movies and literatures will be reviewed to study and analyze professional film language such as editing styles, camera movement, mise en scene, and lighting strategy. Technical topics include radiosity rendering (3DS Max Advanced Lighting), global illumination (V-Ray), texture mapping, texture baking, montage, sound effect, key framing, motion tracking, motion dynamics, inverse kinematics, chroma keying, and virtual set. Additional exploration includes crowd simulation/character animation (Character Studio/Populate), photogrammetric modeling (123D Catch/Recap/Remake), interactive game engine (Unity3D), stereo graphics, panoramic video, and Virtual/Augmented Reality application to limited scopes. Final project is to design a place for architectural scenes and create a short film or an interactive presentation as its narrative. Students are expected to know how to build a simple geometric model in 3D modeling software.

Additional work required of students taking the graduate version.