SUMMER 2021: Special Subject: Architecture Design — Slow Design Through Hand-Drawing: An Antidote to Digital Overload

Limited to 8

Note: Workshop occurs in Summer 2021 but registration is for the Fall 2021 term.

In this workshop, students will slow down their design process through an analog hand-to-paper approach. Rather than being just a form of representation, drawing will spearhead the design process as the vehicle for investigation and experimentation. This pencil drawing based workshop will encourage students to take a step back from fast computer-aided design clicks and instead think through composition decisions using mark making, shading, blending, and erasing. Slow Design will leave us to ponder what the role of drawing is in design both broadly and in our personal practices.

This three-and-a-half week course approaches drawing as an investigative practice—our focus will remain on process, not final results. We will begin with a sequence of short out-of-class drawing assignments to build our vocabulary of rule making(/breaking), abstraction, scale, multiplicity, and color theory. Students will keep a daily 10-minute drawing journal to develop a personal meditative routine of close observation. Slow Design will include short weekly lectures, in-class exercises, technique demos, and peer-to-peer reflections. This course will culminate with a week and a half long drawing project informed by the course’s previous investigations that will be presented in an informal review (with potential guests). Most importantly, Slow Design will provide students with a cohort to share and reflect on different approaches to making with.

While Slow Design focuses on pencil drawing, students are welcome and encouraged to use other ‘slow’ mediums of choice.

This course is geared toward both graduate and undergraduate students in the MIT School of Architecture and Planning, but all students are welcome to participate.