SUMMER 2021: Special Subject: Architectural Computation — For Graphic Play Only: Mining Aesthetic Intuition by Playfully Uncovering Affordances in Graphic Software

Limited to 8

Note: Workshop occurs in Summer 2021 but registration is for the Fall 2021 term.

The course intends to teach software (Photoshop, After Effects, and Rhino) and to satisfy urges to make graphic work that exist for no other reason than their ambivalence, graphic/compositional qualities, and fun-ness to make. The classroom will act as a space to playfully misuse software as a means to push a program in order to learn its subtleties and what secrets it may be hiding.

The course will be structured via tutorials, pin-ups, and (very casual) reviews. The tutorials will not only teach the basics of the software (for it takes an understanding of basics to misuse it), but they will also be a way to open rabbit holes for students to explore. The pin-ups will act as a collective exploration to develop the tools to speak about gut-instinct in a critical way.

Not only does this class teach software, but the coursework becomes a way for one to develop a portfolio to track, understand, enjoy, and hone the power of their aesthetic intuition. This will be possible because the assignments and tutorials will ask students to take strolls through the software.

The students will do and make things without knowing what the outcome will look like. Though the first explorations might not look “interesting” or “good” to the student, the assignments will ask the students to iterate on work by using only aesthetic intuition as a metric to make choices. The goal here is that the final work will be “interesting” and “good” because the student has spent enough time with their gut-instincts to understand and trust them.