IAP Non-credit:
Forces Frozen

Limited to 30

This weeklong workshop explores the world of structural ice shells, inspired by Swiss engineer and designer Heinz Isler (1926-2009). Through the power of shape and curvature, very thin shells can achieve impressive strength and stiffness, even when they are made only from frozen water-soaked fabric. This workshop seeks to push the boundaries of ice shells through design, experimentation, and fabrication. We will start by researching and designing ice/fabric forms and the methods for making them, and will then spend several days experimenting and preparing formwork and rigging systems. On the final day (to be determined based on weather), we will construct a landscape of large frozen structures and share the work with friends and colleagues in a public exhibition.

Geared mainly toward undergraduates in courses 1 and 4 but open to all.

Interested students should sign up here to enroll. 

Sponsors: Architecture and MIT-SUTD Collaboration