Special Seminar: Urban Studies & Planning — RURAL-URBANISM in JAINSU Province China

An STL grant supported research in the fall to compare village typologies, globally and in China. The research revealed a variety of economic and physical realities to these settlements suggesting alternative approaches to their future stability. The report will form the background for this workshop in which faculty from Southeast University in Nanjing China (SEU) and MIT will expand the research to consider the relationship of villages to towns in the urban-rural fringe.

Can a village-town network offer a viable alternative for villagers migrating to China's large cities?

This question forms the key motivation for this phase of the research. Using an existing town and its adjacent villages we will propose a network of facilities linkages and programs that could constitute a viable rural-urban condition.

ELIGIBILITY: Students from both DUSP and Architecture with some design background and in their second year of study will be considered.


  • Airfare and hotel will be paid for
  • Grading for subject is Pass/Fail