Architectural Design Workshop — A New Neighborhood: Cartagena, Colombia

Permission of instructor
Limited to 12
Open only to: 
Those selected via application. Informational meeting Nov. 14 at 6 PM in the Stella Room (7-338). Application deadline Nov. 21

A NEW NEIGHBORHOOD: An investigation into a livelihood based approach to the idea of HOME, where the neighborhood supports both living and working.

The NEIGHBORHOOD will be located in an undeveloped superblock in Cuidad del Bicentario, CARTAGENA Colombia.  Fundacion Mario Santo Domingo, FMSD, is developing a community of 40,000 housing units for 200,000 people on the outskirts of the city. Each superblock will contain approximately 300 houses. Their important conceptual approach called DINCS (Sustainable and Comprehensible Community Development) is centered on building whole communities not just housing. Within this framework our neighborhood of 300 houses will include community facilities, work- spaces, a green industry, and a truly functional open space system.

At the neighborhood scale we intend to reduce the cost of infrastructure by more compact planning and house grouping.

We assume that there will be neighborhood diversity with several house types and spatial groupings.

Housing flexibility with possible ways of expansion is a key goal. Ease of adaptation that is low cost and user friendly will be explored.

Environmentally appropriate solutions will be important in this hot and humid context (cross ventilation, shading, energy efficiency) for building and landscapes.

Work/productivity. This will be explored from the house, to shared spaces, to potential cooperative enterprises such as Hi-tech labor- intensive agriculture.

Prefabrication of the houses and facilities will be proposed, working with POPLab. The short- term goal is to build a house prototype after the workshop.

SCHEDULE: 9th January to 3rd February:

  • 15th to 25th in Cartagena Colombia

Adele Naude Santos MIT Professor of Architecture and Urban Design
Debora Molina Mesa MIT Research Scientist POPLab Co-Director

STUDENT QUALIFICATIONS: Up to 12 students maximum in SMUrbanism or SMArch , MArch in 2nd or 3rd year

APPLICATION DEADLINE: November 21st. Informational meeting on November 14 at 6PM in the Stella Room (7-338).

The application is a statement of interest, one page maximum, and two pages showing recent design work.

 ENQUIRIES: to ansantos@mit.edu