Architectural Design Workshop — TECHOS: Disaster Response(s) for Puerto Rico

Permission of instructor
Limited to 8-12 students
Open only to: 
BSA, MArch and SMArchS students

The first week of the workshop will consist of arranged lectures and visits, interrogation of current disaster relief models, prototyping, and preliminary design work around the problem of rebuilding resilient and affordable roofs for homes that survived hurricane Maria.

Lectures and visits include talks with Arch. Prof. Francisco Gutierrez, contractor and fabrication specialist who will be hosting us in his workshop. Also visits to sites with Buena Vibra Group, a local volunteer organization currently working on disaster relief, and shelter construction on the Island that has agreed to collaborate with us, they have already working on devastated communities from an interdisciplinary perspective that also includes economic development.

Our site of intervention for the following 3 weeks will be in the municipality of Villalba, due to a positive response from the Major, who has agreed to facilitate our intervention and interaction with specific families that could benefit from our help.

Students will document their proposals and on-site interventions.

Undergraduates welcome.