Architectural Design Workshop — Neighborhood Upgrading for Productive Public Space and Housing Improvements in Georgetown, Guyana

Permission of instructor
Limited to 11
Open only to: 
SMArchS and DUSP students

Note: MIT room changed to E14-140L.

The work during the IAP workshop is to assist the Central Housing Authority and Planning Authority (CHPA) of Guyana to meet the challenges for urban and housing improvement that is being supported financially by inter-American Bank (IDB). Our challenge is to work with international funding in a context where there are serious environmental proglems, given that most of Georgetown is below sea level and is subject to flooding.

The workshop will be focused in Sophia, a neighborhood located approximately three miles east from downtown Georgetown, the capital city of Guyana. As a former Dutch and British colony, much of Georgetown's land had been historically developed for agriculture, especially for sugar and rice cultivation.