Special Subject in Architectural Computation — Design Workshop with Students from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Santiago, Chile

This is a one-week interdisciplinary, collaborative workshop exploring innovative methods of design.  The workshop will involve students at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Santiago, Chile, as part of the MIT-Chile MISTI program, and students at MIT.  The workshop project will consist of the design and fabrication of original lighting units (materials and conventional/computer tools for fabrication will be provided).  The project will be approached first in an informal studio context (days 1 and 2), and then for a second time (days 4 and 5) in terms of computational methods, also studio based, that will be introduced during the workshop (day 3).  Students will learn to design in visual and computational ways, and gain insight into strengths and weaknesses of conventional and computational design processes, to create real-scale, functional artifacts.  MIT students will have the opportunity to work with their Chilean counterparts in design teams.  No prior familiarity with design methods, fabrication, or computation is assumed.  MIT students will be expected to participate in a two-hour orientation session the Friday before the full workshop.

Both graduate and undergraduate students, from all backgrounds, are encouraged to apply.

Please send a statement of interest to Inala Locke ilocke@mit.edu) by Friday, December 21, 2018.  Confirmation of enrollment will be given by Friday, December 28.

For additional details about the workshop, please contact Diego Pinochet (dipinoch@mit.edu) or George Stiny (stiny@mit.edu). 

Workshop Dates

MIT Orientation – Friday, January 18, 2019, 10:00 – 12:00
Full Workshop – Monday to Friday, January 21 – 25, 2019, 9:00 – 5:00