Make ToGather: Interaction Design Webinar + Workshop

Note: Schedule may change due to time differences

Make ToGather: Interaction Design Webinar+Workshop, organized during 2021 IAP, is a three-day webinar + workshop series aiming at bridging the multidisciplinary interaction design professionals and introducing design thinking and creation to the MIT community.

The series consists of three days of online webinars and short workshop sessions after the webinar. In the webinar session, we invited six creative professionals ranging from industrial design, interaction design, architecture, design education, innovation leadership, and entrepreneur to share their stories and experience in the interaction and experience design field. At the end of each session, participants will join in a short hands-on workshop to apply their takeaway from the webinars to real-world cases. The goal is to help participants better bridging the sharings with real-world design experience. All the sessions will be organized via zoom, google docs, and slack. Every day, the session will be limited to 2 hours which is suitable for attendants to concentrate on contents and the exercise without extra stress.

Interaction Design Webinar + Workshop is a part of Make ToGather series, which wants to empower the remote learning and collaboration experience for people who want to learn to apply design thinking and collaboration into everyday work and life.

Sponsored by MIT Department of Architecture, MIT AgeLab, MIT Integrated Design & Management (IDM), Planet D, and Industrial¬†Designers Society of America (IDSA)‚ÄĚ