Architectural Design Workshop - Fabrication for Building Innovation

This workshop combines contemporary methodologies in construction/ detailing/ structural design with new applications and technologies in digital fabrication. Students will create 1:1 scale group projects focusing on innovative solutions for critical issues in full-scale structures, as opposed to installations or sculpture-scale agendas. Contextually significant topics like (mass)customization, labor & assembly, structure/optimization and reconfigurablity can now act as drivers for design rather than exclusively for the manufacturing or engineering sectors. An emphasis will be placed on novel applications of contemporary digital fabrication techniques (or the invention of new fabrication systems) while developing a strong sense of material craft and mastery of building systems.

This workshop will rely heavily on the existing digital fabrication lab and machines including; water-jet cutting, laser-cutting, 3 axis CNC routing, molding/casting, vacuum forming, 3D printing/scanning and robotic arm fabrication. A connection between leading researchers and robotic fabrication facilities in and around the Boston/Cambridge/MIT area will be utilized.