4.216J / 11.316J
Landscape and Urban Heritage Conservation - Delhi Nallah Project

This workshop introduces students to the theory and practice of urban landscape and environmental heritage conservation in the Indo-Islamic context. Theoretically, this field is charged with issues of cultural identity, environmental quality, historicism, and heritage. It entails multiple methods of inquiry and associated challenges of synthesis, analogy, and conservation design. The practice of conservation design in South Asia is entering a new phase of sophistication, which contributes to the theory and practice of the field internationally. Students will gain firsthand experience of these connections by working on a nallah (stream-sewer) conservation design project with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) in the Nizamuddin area of south Delhi, an area that encompasses Sufi shrines, Mughal tomb-gardens, and modern infrastructure projects. The larger AKTC project in Nizamuddin links cultural heritage conservation with environmental management and socioeconomic development. Students spend ~10 days in India during IAP in January 2012. We will meet leading conservation professionals, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), and environmental organizations in Delhi. We take short trips to conservation projects across greater Delhi and to Agra for comparison with the nallah restoration project in Delhi.