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Water Reading Group: Water-Conserving Design

The reading group is intended for graduate students who have a core interest in water –in environmental design, history, planning, engineering, and/or policy. Water poses some of the most challenging problems to societies around the world. It resonates with profound meanings of life, livelihood, beauty, death, and destruction. It is a fascinating molecule.

Group members should have a major water project in mind or underway that requires systematic reading in the field, e.g., a masters thesis, doctoral dissertation, literature review, consulting project, or publication.

Individual projects will vary by discipline, phase of development, and outcomes – but we will have a shared approach, and will gain by exchanging information on the latest research in the field. We will have common reading tasks, organized by scale. I will give short talks on the historical development of each scale of water management to complement the discussion.

In addition, we will build upon MIT’s Rethinking Water theme to identify issues and interests across all five Schools. Our Water Reading Group can help shape, as well as participate, in this agenda.