Architectural Design Workshop ⎯ Haiti Evacuation Systems

Although Haiti has most recently been referenced for its struggle in the post-earthquake reconstruction efforts, it is most vulnerable to hurricanes and flash floods. In 2001, the Government of Haiti initiated a comprehensive disaster risk reduction program to reduce loss of lives and strengthen the country’s resiliency. After a local flash flood affected 300,000 people in 2004, flood early warning and evacuation became of one of the priorities. With improved guidelines for management and evacuation, the Government of Haiti is now looking to improve the quality of the Evacuation Shelters.

This workshop will begin with building case studies of existing shelters from several different countries as well as cataloging the standards and requirements of programmatic needs. For the majority of the semester the class will explore innovative design options to combine evacuation shelters with schools, community centers and other local programs.

Class limited to 10.